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Since 2001 Voûte Digital Advertising, based in The Netherlands, has developed many marketing websites. We call it Global City Marketing. 

Al Ain Dubai
Al Ain, Dubai. Photo: Edwin Voûte shows how strong a Visit[city].com website can be. Tourists that visited Dubai in 2023: more than 17 Million. is one of the strongest tourism brands in the world.

Why Visit(City).com ?

Nowadays, more and more cities use Visit(City).com. We found more than 200. Like,,,, etc.

1. The best name for City Marketing
Cities use for their city portal and use to attract visitors/tourists. Example: versus

2. Visit domains contain valuable keywords for search engines

3. Strong Call to Action
A Visit[city].com website is a strong call to action that moves people to visit and helps them find the region’s hotels, restaurants, shops, and more.

“We have chosen the URL because it provides a clear call to action for the visitor. Additionally, it remains the same nationally and internationally, which enhances its visibility in search engines. We found this to be the most logical choice.” (Haarlem Marketing)

4. Expand your brand.
Be more visible online. is not only an online guide, it is also a very strong brand.

5. Easy to remember

6. Bypassing Search Engines by Direct Navigation Traffic

7. Receive Highly Targeted Visitors

Direct Navigation Traffic is by far the most highly targeted form of traffic available, according to Marc Ostrofsky.

Marc Ostrofsky is an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, New York Times Best Selling Author, and public speaker. He coined the phrase “Domain names and websites are the real estate of the Internet” when he bought for $150,000 in the mid-1990s and sold this domain in 1999 for $7.5 million.

8. Official status
“The visit name implies our official status i.e. that we are not a private company.” (Stockholm Tourist Office)

“Without “Visit” in front of it, it’s the municipal website.” (Maastricht Marketing)

9. Very valuable assets

Premium Visit domains are very valuable assets and won’t be available forever. Once a domain name is developed, it’s usually no longer available for sale.

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